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"Teit illastamme elämyksellisen!"
– Sari Kola, Teollisuusliitto ry

"Kiitos hienosta keikasta, porukka oli kovin vaikuttuneita!"
– Eveliina Kasari, OP Päijät-Häme

"Kiitos upeasta esityksestä!"
– Katja Mäkinen, OAJ Uusimaa

Suomen mestari 2020

"Täydellinen yllätysnumero, suosittelemme tätä kaikille!"
– Anuliina Hietamies, Järvenpään kaupunki






  1. An individual capable of supernatural mental feats, eg. Thought Reading, Precognition and Clairvoyance

  2. A remarkably adept interpreter and manipulator of human behavior

  3. A performer akin to the Magician, whose show will entertain, enliven and excite an adult audience



What can the Mentalist bring to your event?

The Mentalist's performance is

not a common magic show.

The Mentalist works inside the head of
the audience. He excels at thought reading, predicting the spectators' choices and knowing the impossible.

The interaction between the Mentalist and the Audience allows for a unique, inexplicable and memorable event that will leave everyone talking long after it has finished.

Is it possible to control or predict thoughts?
Is seeing believing?
Can you trust your own mind?

Decide for yourself and

book the Mentalist for your next event!

Conference Crowd

Which one is the show for you?


Stage show

An Unforgettable

Live Experience

for All Attendees

VIrtual show

Long Distance Connection

With 2020 Finnish

Streaming Magic Champion


Close-up show

Miracles of the Mind

at Close Quarters

One Table at a Time

Past Feature Productions

Game of the Mind
a magical Evening

Ajatusleikki: maaginen ilta ("Game of the Mind: a magical evening) was performed at the newly opened culture café and bar Shed in Järvenpää on Nov 12 2021.

The two hour show filled the intimate space with no seat left unoccupied.

Show photo: Maiju Tahkolahti


maaginen kabaree

Salaluukku: maaginen kabaree ("Trap Door: a magical cabaret") premiered at Keski-Uudenmaan Teatteri on October 30th and 31st 2020.

The magical variety show was hosted by Aku Salmi and Kalle Tahkolahti, featuring Xavier Crow, the Kaleva Witch and Risto Leppänen.

Show photos by Kristoffer Östman.


a magical evening

The first public full evening mental performance by Kalle Tahkolahti, Rajakokemus: maaginen ilta ("Borderline: a magical evening") was in December 2017 at Järvenpää Theatre and again in winter 2018 at Keski-Uudenmaan Teatteri.

The teaser for the show was shot and edited by Kapina Oy.

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