"Incredible, fabulous
and unbelievable SHOW!"





What can the Mentalist bring to your event?

The Mentalist's performance is

not a common magic show.

The Mentalist works inside the head of
the audience. He excels at thought reading, predicting the spectators' choices and knowing the impossible.

The interaction between the Mentalist and the Audience allows for a unique, inexplicable and memorable event that will leave everyone talking long after it has finished.

Is it possible to control or predict thoughts?
Is seeing believing?
Can you trust your own mind?

Decide for yourself and

book the Mentalist for your next event!

Stage show

An Unforgettable Experience
For All Attendees

The Mentalist's Stage Show enchants

a large crowd. Several spectators get to participate personally in extraordinary feats blurring the lines between psychology, illusion and serendipity.

Kalle Tahkolahti combines mystery with warm-hearted humor in a performance suitable for nearly any event with a stage, platform or dais visible to all in attendance.

Depending on the event the program

may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration.

Miracles of the Mind
At Close Quarters

The Mentalist is a welcome visitor at a banquet table or during a break at the lobby bar. Even the sceptics will scratch their heads as their thoughts are divined and free choices predicted less than a few feet away. You'll be hard pressed to find a more personal or memorable entertainment.

The Mentalist may entertain a group of a few dozen people with a performance or mingle with your guests demonstrating minor miracles for one table at a time.

Depending on the event the Mentalist may entertain for 1-3 hours.

Up close and personal

The first public full evening mental performance by Kalle Tahkolahti, Rajakokemus: maaginen ilta (Borderline: a magical evening) was in December 2017 at Järvenpää Theatre and again in winter 2018 at Keski-Uudenmaan Teatteri.

The teaser for the show was shot and edited by Kapina Oy.

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